Are you tired of your suspended systems taking forever to program what seems like a simple shot? Are you tired of compromising your vision and having the suspended camera team tell you what you can and can't shoot?

Well, ask around and you will find that the people who have been working with spydercam have all been pleasantly surprised to discover that we don't work that way. We work closely with your production to get the shot that you want, and to get it on time and on budget.

All suspended camera systems are not created equal.

Spydercam has spent the last few years developing and honing the Moto control system in order to bring unprecedented simplicity and flexibility to suspended camera control. Moto allows us to program your moves more intuitively and organically to get the shots you want quickly and painlessly.

Moto allows us to visualize the moves you want before we fly them, saving expensive time on set.

Even the most complex shots can be put together in a fraction of the time it takes the traditional motion-control systems. Moto has allowed us to develop the Talon system, which brings never-before seen accuracy and control to a 3D suspended system. The talon system give us the ability to get shots that were impossible with traditional suspended systems, and get them quickly.

Of course, the control system isn't the only thing that spydercam pushes to the cutting edge.

Our rigging is simple and efficient. We try to keep our rigs as lightweight and straightforward as we can, making it easier for us to put them in and take them out, causing the minimum disruption to your shooting schedule.

The spydercam rigging team has been focused on designing a modular system of components to make even the most complex rigging problems seem like they are out-of-the-box, turn-key solutions.

We work closely with our industry counterparts (construction crane operators, on-set riggers and grips, etc.) to try and utilize as much of the infrastructure your production already has in place. This saves us time, and saves you money.

While we would be happy to provide you with a list of industry contacts that would sing our praises, just ask your director, DP friend or key-grip buddies most likely they have worked with us and can tell you what they think.